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North Americans are avid travellers. We explore all corners of the globe, in all seasons. Many of us invest a significant portion of our disposable income on travel.

Regardless of budget, your travel dollar CAN stretch further than you thought possible. This book is your guide. Full of practical TIPS and illustrative anecdotes, it will help you achieve BEST-VALUE in all your travels.

In providing a road map to BEST-VALUE travel, this book will assist you with an understanding of how to:

  • Plan your trip

  • Budget and save for that trip

  • Redeem reward travel miles for optimum value

  • Minimize baggage, security and insurance hassles

  • Obtain better deals on air, bus and train travel

  • Save on hotel accommodation world-wide

  • Consider home exchanges, time shares and long-stays

  • Savor the thrill and economics of cycling and hiking

  • Solve currency, cultural, and language issues

A MUST-READ FOR THE VALUE TRAVELLER! read more . . . cyclists.jpg - 69336 Bytes


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Author Peter Dolezal
paperback (softcover)
ISBN: 978-1-4251-8971-6
Published by:
trafford publishing

Trafford publishing

Author - Peter Dolezal

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The Travel Choices
The Travel Budget
When to Travel
Reward -Travel
Purchased Air Travel
Upgrading to Business Class
Travel Passes - Air, Train & Bus
Compensation – Flight Delays
Baggage Hassles
Security Issues
Travel Insurance
Long-Stay Accommodation
Home Exchange
Vacation Timeshares
The “Snowbird” Escape
Travel On The Cheap
The European Spa Experience
The Cruise Vacation
River Cruising
The Cycling Holiday
The Hiking Holiday
The Camping / RV Holiday
Adventure Travel
Culture Shock
Currency Issues
Health Issues
Language Issues
Staying in Touch

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